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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another story books have to tell..

It's been said that people who create must, or at least usually do, end up suffering for their art, but does that mean innocent little tomes should be made to suffer as well?  Personally, I don't find that bothersome, but if we're going to personify books, it's my duty to tell you here and now: books suffered in the making of this blog entry.  Either I'm a sadist, or I think any thing is fair game when it comes to creative expression, but that's me, and I've already sent in my change of address form

Photographer: Tara Bradford who does
such beautiful work.
Go see for yourself at Paris Parfait


Su Blackwell

And quite likely, the very best for the very last:


  1. So lovely and creative! It's great to see old, unloved books transformed into art. Glad to have found your delightful blog.

  2. Yikes and double yikes! Interesting but I'd rather have the books-- unless they are boring textbooks.

  3. I have a deep conviction that they were all books about differential equations, boundary values and fourier transforms. All numbers, no stories, unless one of them is Poetry of the Universe by Robert Osserman... that's a number story. heheh


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